Beltrami County Lakes and Rivers Association



Updated 2016-03-20

BCLARA Representative

Lin Ward: jward@paulbunyan.net


Alan Colliander: secacc@aol.com; (H)218-751-7254; (C)612-812-8159


Mike Kovacovich: kovac@paulbunyan.net (H)218-444-4724; (C)218-556-6744


Sue Bruns: suebruns@paulbunyan.net; (H)218-751-2516; (C)218-556-2869


Clint Mueller: clintm@paulbunyan.net; (H)218-751-5057; (C)218-556-3939

Board Members

Bob Anderson: bigboba1980@hotmail.com; (H)218-751-2658; (C)218-209-6230

Paul Brewinski: ptbrew@paulbunyan.net; (H)218-444-3877;(C)701-739-3312

Lin Ward: jward@paulbunyan.net; (H)218-333-8785; (C)218-368-4121

Bruce Wilson: bcwilson@paubunyan.net; 218-333-6700


Quarterly board meetings: October, January, April, July (2nd Sunday of month)

Annual picnic/meeting: Labor Day weekend.

Clean up the lake (and the surrounding areas): March.

Annual lake-wide garage sale: April.

Newsletter: twice a year (Fall and Spring)

Lake Plantagenet from air

Lake Statistics:

•Lake ID: 29-0156-00

•Invasive Species: None listed

•TSI (trophic state index; "nutrient richness"; 20=clear; 80=very green): 51 (between June and September 2005 to 2014)

•Average Secchi (clarity) reading (ft): 3.25

•Latitude and Longitude: 47.394440, -94.925660

•Lake Area (acres): 2530.81

•Littoral Area (less than 15 feet in depth; acres): 986

•Ordinary high water level (ft): 1343.1

•Max. depth (ft): 65

BCLARA serves to coordinate the efforts of all lake, river, and watershed associations in Beltrami County, MN, related to shoreline preservation and restoration, water quality, prevention of aquatic invasive species (AIS), and sustainable uses and development for bodies of water in the county, including: Ahlin, Alaska, Alice, Anderson, Andrusia, Ankeewinsee, Bagley, Bailey, Bakkum, Balif, Balm, Barr, Bass, Baumgartner, Beltrami, Bemidji, Big, Big Bass, Big Rice, Black, Blackduck, Blake, Bog, Boot, Bootleg, Borden, Boston, Braas, Britten, Buck, Bullhead, Burns, Button, Buzzle, Campbell, Carter, Cass, Chain, Cinaman, Clearwater, Cranberry, Crandall, Crane, Crooked, Crookston, Damon, Dark, Deer, Dellwater, Des Moines, Dickens, Dunbar, Dutchman, Emerald, Erick, Erickson, Ess, Fahul, Fairbanks, Fassland, Fawn, Fern, Fessland, Fields, Flenner, Flora, Fox, Frisby, Funk, Funkley, George, Gibibwisher, Gilstad, Gimmer, Glenn, Grace, Graning, Grant, Grass, Grenn, Gull, Gun, Gunner, Gwinn, Hagali, Haggerty, Hanson, Harley, Head, Henson, Holland, Horseshoe, Irving, Island, Iverson, Jackson, Jaurkishi, Johnson, Julia, Kinney, Kitchi, Lamons, Larson, Laxon, Lindgren, Little Bass, Little Boot, Little Buzzle, Little Gilstad, Little Gnat, Little Moose, Little Puposky, Little Rice, Little Sandy, Little Turtle, Long (east), Long (west), Long Slough, Loon, Lost, Lower Red, Manomin, Marcus, Marquette, McCall, McCoy, Meadow, Medicine, Miller, Mina, Miss, Mollison, Moose, Movil, Muskrat, Myrtle, Nebish, Norman, North Twin, Ose, Parks, Perch, Peterson, Pimushe, Pine Island, Plantagenet, Pony, Pony, Popple, Pug Hole, Puposky, Rabideau, Range Line, Rice, Rice Pond, Round, Rush, Sandy, School, Shell, Shemahgun, Silver, Smith, Smyth, South Twin, Steins, Stocking, Stone, Stoner, Strand, Stray Horse, Stump, Sumac, Swamp, Swenson, Sylvia, Ten, Tenmile, Tepee, Three Island, Thunders, Turtle, Turtle River, Twin, Upper Lindgren, Upper Red, Webster, Wending, Wheelock, Whitefish, Williams, and Wolf.